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High Mountain Essential Oils


Why ErbeLuna?

Because we have never cut down, nor will we ever cut down, a Tree just to distill it.

Because not only we do respect Nature, but we also do everything to help Her.

Because the only ingredients of our Essences are the plant and steam.

Because our Essential Oils have a "soul".


The Essential Oils

All our Essences are 100% pure, steam distilled at low pressure and temperature. For Conifers we only use leaves and twigs of wild Trees from Trentino Alto Adige, for Lavender the flowers of plants grown in a natural way, without pesticides or fertilizers.

Exhibitions and markets ..

Internet is a great tool, but we hold on to human contact. After all, in each bottle there is our effort, our work, but also time, emotions and passion. This is why we are often out in the squares and parks of half of Italy, with our small bench.

Trentino's Conifer Trees

Our passion for Conifer Trees is boundless. That's why we wanted to make a webpage with a brief description of our Trees, both from a naturalistic point of view, and looking at their character and properties. Here you can also find the evolutionary history of the Conifers and some hints about why plants are so special!

You think you are distilling the Wood,

but it is actually the Wood that distills You.

Carlo Signorini

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