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Scots Pine Essential Oil - 10ml

Scots Pine Essential Oil - 10ml

Scots Pine Essential Oil (Pinus Sylvestris) - 100% pure.


Suitable for : Fatigue, stress, respiratory tract
Main notes : Camphor, Cloves, Resin, Chlorophyll, Wool, Lichen

Chakra : Fifth and First (Vishuddhi and Muladhara)

Distillation date : April 2020

Moon Phase : Third Quarter


The Pine Trees from which the essence was extracted were crashed by the snowfall of November 2019. They lived at about 1700 meters in the ASUC territory of Carbonare (Capriana), in Trentino. It is a mixed forest with a predominance of Larch, very open and full of sun.


The scent of the Pine, especially that of this distillation, still so young, has a striking Aroma of Resin and Chlorophyll. Then slowly it opens, and warms up with notes of Lichen, Lanolin, and Cloves, bitter and spicy. It is a decidedly masculine essence, decisive and penetrating.


The spring distillation is the "classic" one for Conifers. In fact, at this very moment, the Tree is awakening from winter hibernation, and is preparing to use all its energies for growth and reproduction.


These Pines, despite having been knocked down by the snow, still had a lot of Life Force, and this is reflected in the characteristics of the Essence, very "dry" and full of Energy.


In the distillation I used only the most external and highest branches: these were Plants of a certain age, which have a rather high percentage of turpentine, concentrated mainly in the resin secreted by the branches. By using only the parts closest to the Sun it is significantly reduced.


The Silvestre Pine is the colonizing tree par excellence. The only thing he needs is the Sun: everything else is indifferent to him: drought, cold, wind, poor or swampy soils do not disturb him. And then we find it on the sunniest and driest "crozi" (rocks), in places where Summer brings the worst heat, but Winter temperatures are the lowest in the whole area. With its presence it softens the Rocks, creates the Humus, and is so kind and generous that it allows all the other Trees to live in the new Environment. When the pressure from others is too strong, it simply moves further.


This is what it teaches us. Being strong, resisting bad weather in the Awareness that the Sun will continue to warm us, working not only for our good but also for others, being generous, not letting ourselves be overtaken by the Ego but, on the contrary, following our "Dharma" with the Serenity of those who know they are doing the right thing.


On a physiological level it works very well as an expectorant, decongestant, anti-inflammatory and stimulant.


It is used in the bathtub (a few drops in a handful of coarse salt), to make garments (with the water at no more than 80 ° C), by inhalation from a handkerchief, in the diffuser or according to your preferred method.


As with all essential oils, it is an extremely concentrated natural product. For all uses other than those listed, you need to know what you are doing. And in any case, I recommend an aromatherapy course or at least reading a good manual on the subject. Contact with eyes and mucous membranes must be absolutely avoided; and it is a good habit to keep it out of the reach of children.


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