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The Essential Oils by


Here you will find the Essential Oils that we have available right now. The availability varies according to the seasons, the crashes that took place in the woods, the woodcutters' cuts, the time for seasoning of the Essences and so on.


In the Essence's description page you will find information such as the scent of that particular distillation, the Plant or Plants from which it comes, the Moon under which it was distilled and much more.


Often, for some products, you may choose between different lots. This is because the Plants change with the Seasons, and I do as much as I can to ensure that this is reflected in the Essential Oil. The label that appears on the Essential Oil icon refers to the distillation date.

In Alchemy, the Essential Oil is the Spirit of the Plant, corresponding to what, for us Human Beings, is the Soul. In chemistry, it is the set of molecules (from about 400 for the less complex to more than 1200 for Essences like the Rose!) that make up its characteristic perfume. In perfumery it is the basis of the "dress" that a master perfumer creates tailor-made for his client. In everyday life, Essential Oil is comfort, medicine, it helps us to "warm up" an environment, to purify it, to get in touch with deep parts of Us.


All our Essences have in common the balsamic effect and the action on mood. Each Essence then differs in its particular properties.


Our Essential Oils are not certified as "food supplements", simply because they should never be ingested unless under very careful supervision. However, we work in strict hygienic conditions - come and see us!

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