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Silver Fir Essential Oil - 8ml

Silver Fir Essential Oil - 8ml

Silver Fir Essential Oil (Abies Alba) - 100% pure


Suitable for: fatigue, personal difficulties, tenacity, determination

Main notes: Citrus, Blackberries, Eucalyptus, Cold Air, Winter Forest

Chakras: Fourth and Sixth (Anahata and Ajna)

Distillation date: April 2020

Moon Phase: First Quarter


This lot was distilled from a single tree blown down by the wind in the municipality of Anterivo (Altrei), in the province of Bolzano. He lived in a mixed forest of Silver Fir and Norway Spruce, in an area already tormented by the Vaia storm of October 2018.


The scent of the Silver Fir recalls almost more the citrus fruits than the Conifers. This distillation in particular has a very marked balsamic note, you can find Heaven, the scent of a winter Forest, but also the sweetness of the Blackberries.


The distillation was carried out in late March, in the first days of the crescent Moon. After a hot and dry winter, March brought cold and snow. The plant, ready to start, had to stop again, and this translates into a particularly intense and very "young" essence, which will take several months to reach full maturity.


The Silver Fir, like the citrus fruits of which it recalls the perfume, is a bearer of Light. It is used especially in times of severe personal difficulty, or when Life confronts us with the consequences of a choice. It also helps in tenacity and determination. By its nature it is a reflective and majestic Tree; it helps us a lot in reflecting on our Ego, on our inner Essence and on the divine purpose for which we came into the world. A simple meditation can be done by greasing with a drop the fingertip of the right thumb, then going to touch the Third Eye and the Heart.


On a physiological level it works very well on muscle pains and contractions, joint and rheumatic pains; it is also excellent for respiratory infections. It is used in the bath tub (about 10 drops diluted in a handful of coarse salt), to make garments (with water at no more than 80°C) or in the diffuser.


As with all essential oils, contact with eyes and mucous membranes must be absolutely avoided; and it is a good habit to keep it out of the reach of children.


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