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Norway Spruce Essential Oil - 8ml (04/2020)

Norway Spruce Essential Oil - 8ml (04/2020)

Norway Spruce 100% pure Essential Oil (Picea Abies).


Suitable for : loss, isolation, uprooting

Main notes : Resin, Undergrowth, Incense, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus

Chakras : First and Third (Muladhara and Manipura)

Distillation date : April 2020

Moon Phase : First Quarter


This Essential Oil was extracted with a slow steam distillation, starting from tree tops crashed by the heavy snowfall of November 2019. This gives it a particular strength, the tops in fact possess most of the vitality of a Tree; moreover, the Spruce is a Tree very tied to the ground, in this Essence instead a little "Heaven" is perceived.


The scent is intensely balsamic; initially sour, given its freshness, it then opens with notes of Resin, Undergrowth, Incense, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus.


The distillation was carried out in early April, on a growing Moon. Although the treetops had been separated from the plant for several months, they were preparing for Spring, throwing the first buds energetically. The essence of this distillation is very energetically "charged".


The Norway Spruce lives in very large pure woods, from which any other form of plant life is banned - only Fungi are allowed. In the Woods the hierarchy and the reciprocal roles of the Plants are very clear and defined, starting from the Mother Plant, custodian of the Memory of the Wood, up to the small shoots that grow nourished entirely by the older Trees, and represent the future. This is also why it helps us especially in times when we feel lost, alone, isolated - to find ourselves and our sense of belonging. Its roots are very extensive, but not very deep: it stimulates us to be practical, to "descend from the clouds", to look around us with strength and pragmatism. Of course, the effect is amplified in moments of transition, in which we are often a bit in the air, or simply feel lost.


A simple meditation can be done (ideally sitting in the Lotus Position - Padmasana) by greasing the palm of the right hand with a drop and massaging the sole of the left foot - and vice versa.


Even at the physiological level it works on the surface, it is therefore excellent for mycosis, dermatitis, etc. Like all Conifers Essences distilled in a workmanlike manner, it is safe on the skin and it is not necessary to use a carrier oil. It also has a strong balsamic effect.


It is used in the bathtub (about 10 drops diluted in a handful of coarse salt), to make the garments (with water at no more than 80 °) or in the diffuser.


As with all essential oils, it is an extremely concentrated natural product. For all uses other than those listed, you need to know what you are doing. And in any case, I recommend an aromatherapy course or at least reading a good manual on the subject. Contact with eyes and mucous membranes must be absolutely avoided; and it is a good habit to keep it out of the reach of children.


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