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Our philosophy

First, don't harm

Why choose ErbeLuna?


Because we have never cut down, nor will we ever cut down, a Tree just to distill it.

Because not only we do respect Nature, but we also do everything to help Her.

Because the only ingredients of our Essences are the plant and steam.

Because our Essential Oils have a "soul".


I could go on and on, but the truth is that everything we do as a farm (and the goal we strive for in personal life) is expressed by the Latin motto primum, non nocere , or by the Sanskrit concept of Ahimsa: in few words, we try not to create damage, nor exercise violence with all the Beings we are dealing with, be they People, Plants, Animals, or our Planet.


In practice, these are many small actions. For example, we do not cut trees but we only use the branches of trees already cut down by the wind, snow and lumberjacks. Incidentally, in this way we render a service to the Wood, removing piles of material that otherwise, by rotting, would become foci of fungal infestations. We do everything without a chainsaw, only with a billhook, to respect the plant that offers us its essence (and therefore feeds our family), and to respect the silence full of sounds of the forest.

In the cultivation (of Lavender and Rose) we do not use fertilizers, pesticides, soil improvers, not even water if it is not absolutely necessary: ​​we know that Nature is able to provide in the best way, and in doing so we allow all small animals to live in harmony in our fields.

In distillation, respect for the person who will use the Essential Oil is what guides us: we distill with calm, attention, in low pressure and at low temperature, to obtain an Essence that contains all the molecules of the Plant from which it was extracted , slightly or not at all altered by heat. In this way the synergy that secretes the Plant is faithfully recreated.


For us, distillation is not just a job, or a means of bringing bread to the table. We are modern Alchemists, and as such we must behave, letting this activity pervade our every action and every thought.


For this reason we are so proud of our Essential Oils, because each bottle contains the Soul of the Plant, of the Wood from which it comes; but also our work, our effort, the vibrations and the energy that we have transmitted in every phase of the process, and a little bit of our Spirit.

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